This is a roll top waxed canvas rucksack thoughtfully designed for both the urban and rural adventurer. It fuses heritage and contemporary design to empower the creative and the seeker. They call it The Biographer ($225), because its name couldn’t be anything else. You are the Biographer. You are the storyteller. 

The straps are padded with a layer of wool to insulate and protect. The double layer of waxed canvas and the roll top closure work together to protect the contents inside from weather, no matter the climate in which you find yourself.


Designed for the Swedish Military, adopted by mountaineers and adventurers, Hudsalve is hearty, no-frills skin protection for lips, face, hands, elbows, and feet. A staple of many European armies, and necessity being the mother of invention, its uses have now grown to near mythical status. It has been used to grease weapons, and condition boots. Swedish tank commanders use it to combat mosquitoes. Some say it is edible, that is a line we have not crossed… but in a pinch, when no one’s looking, it just might be suitable to grease your cast iron.


Happy Friday ladies and gents. Probably mostly gents. As always, your humble weekend contributor is here to tell you about what you need to know before you go. 

While you head out this weekend, here is a simple ice breaker to get the conversation rolling like dough. "Did you know Mark Zuckerberg is Red-Green colorblind, that’s why the Facebook logo is blue?" and then, "Oh yea, and I heard his IPO valuation is hitting near $100 billion by most analysts!”

Once that conversation stream is flowing like the Niagara you might suggest dinner. But where, you ask? Great question. Start by unlocking your most beloved Apple device. Navigate to the Zagat app and let the fun begin. For the indecisive among us try the Urban Spoon app. For another great restaurant, click on the picture above. 

Tonight, ditch the water and lemon. When the waiter asks you for your drink order, surprise the bartender by ordering an Old Fashioned. If they don’t know what a Old Fashioned is you can delight them with a little history on the beverage itself and tell them about Summer Voelker, mixologist at Salt of the Earth Bar in Pittsburgh, who specializes in it. 

After dinner it’s time for a movie. We say you ditch Project X and go with Safe House. Don’t you try saying no to Denzel

This weeks dose of manliness talks about how to cook with wild game, which you’ll need to know. 

For some additional small talk check out the Drudge Report or Daily Beast.

Bottom Line: Avoir d’plaisir!



It can be as simple as a whistle or as mighty as a symphony, but music continues to capture our moods and express them in a way that words just can’t. One of our favorites lately is the band Seryn – part folk, part anthem theme song, part kiss your woman while you both bathe in the warm firework glow of an American Fourth of July, part slay the dragon with just a sword and the motivation that only a divine purpose can bring…if you know what we’re saying. 

This talented bunch is based out of the humble yet growing music metropolis that hails by the name of Denton. Channeling catchy melodies and thick harmonies, this band is surely on the right track for greatness as evidenced by their growing popularity all across the South. In 2011 they were given top honors as the best performers in Austin at SXSW. Their catch phrase is “soaring and serene,” and we can’t think of a better way to sum them up. Pick up their CD or catch them live for maximum effect. Our favorite track? We Will All Be Changed. 

Bottom Line: $11


What a brilliant idea. Dollar Shave Club is going directly for the throat of mega mens grooming brands with inexpensive and convenient razors. The CEO and actor in the video below was formerly with Sports Illustrated before tossing this idea around at a party with a friend. Sign up with Dollar Shave Club and get razors delivered to your door, pretty simple. The Humble Twin gets you two blades and five cartridges per month. Step it up to the 4X with four blades, or the Executive with five blades. They’ve already got $1 million in VC money and 5,000 monthly subscriptions as of yesterday. Who knows if this business model will work, but we like it. We love the bear costume in their viral video all over the web this week. 

Bottom Line: $1+


Apple iPad 3

Well shame on you if you haven’t heard of it by now. Yesterday, Steve Jobs legacy lived on with the unveiling of the iPad 3. Some notable upgrades are the retina display, iWork and iLife apps, and a mobile version of iPhoto so you can edit on the go. It also includes a 5 MP camera and 1080p video recording with video editing software to boot. How do you like them apples?

Bottom Line: $400+


Tenaya Lodge, California

With the mercury beginning to rise all across the fruited plain, your last chance to savor the cool winter is drawing near. Our friends at Jetsetter bring to you the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite in Fish Camp, California. While you’re there you can spend the days exploring waterfalls, giant sequoia groves, and take advantage of Tanaya’s Can-Do concierges who always have snowshoe stomps and fly-fishing accouterments on hand. 

Bottom Line: $82+/night


Orvis Leather Cooler

We’re just going to go ahead and pat ourselves on the back for this one. From one of our favorite makers of outdoor living, Orvis brings you their hand crafted Leather Cooler. A well made cooler is tough to come by. When you think about how many styrofoam coolers  you’ve gone through, a hefty purchase like this begins to make more sense. Would we ever buy one? Absolutely not. A grand in the bank is better than a grand on the tailgate. Nonetheless, be sure to mix with your best country-club attire and you’ll be that much cooler

Bottom Line: $995

Silva Custom Bamboo Macbook Case

Does the world need more Apple accessories? Apparently so according to the people at Silva. If you’re an Applefanboi4lyfe check out their Custom Bamboo Macbook Case. This case is made out of 100% bamboo to protect your macbook from any unforeseen dangers that would rear their ugly head during transit. Add some genuine leather for the handle and you’ve got yourself a package deal. Beware of charging pandas when toting this luxury. 

Bottom Line: $129+

1 note

J.W. Hulme Co. Canvas Duffle Bag

We like things that last a long time, things that you can hand down to your children’s children. That’s why when it comes to most things rugged, we put our faith in J.W. Hulme - their Canvas Duffle Bag in particular. This bag is made to outlast you. Great for the field or on the go. For the jetsetter, it’s strong enough to with-stand even the handsy-est of TSA agent. There’s no dollar sign on peace-of-mind.

Bottom Line: $365


Apothecary(0) Metal Card Catalogs

Don’t let certain Scandinavian super-box stores (that may or may not rhyme with the word IDEA) get the best of you. Add a little character to your filing obsession with these Metal Card Catalogs from Apothecary(0). They have some nice dings and dents in them that make certain their authenticity. These are actual card catalogs from the 1950s, not some cheap etsy reproductions. File under: filing

Bottom Line: $38